Do you fancy injecting some seasonal fun into your brand? Check out these fantastic Thanksgiving themes that make for the perfect holiday content!

If you’re based in the US, or even if you just have a predominantly American following, you may want to celebrate Thanksgiving. Just like other large holidays (Easter, Christmas, Halloween), Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spread some positivity and also show off your personality online a little more. After all, how we celebrate holidays is quite unique to us, so it’s fun to let other people see how you do it.

Want to get involved in the festivities, but feeling stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of simple, but popular content ideas based on Thanksgiving themes. From food to fashion, you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

Gratitude Post

If you’re social media savvy, you’ll know that platforms like Instagram are great digital marketing tools. This means promoting your business, products, or brand online has never been easier. Since Thanksigiving is all about, well, giving thanks, sharing a gratitude is a great way to celebrate.

This is a solid way to boost engagement on your profiles too. You can create a Reel, or a simple Story post inviting your followers to share what they’re grateful for too. You could get personal with this, or keep it business themed.

Thanksgiving Feast

Lots of holidays are exciting for a number of reasons; family visiting, time off work, and food! If you run a foodie YouTube channel, filming some video content related to Thanksgiving meals is a perfect way to get your subscribers excited.

Anything from beautifully roasted vegetable side dishes, to lovingly baked decadent desserts. People love watching food content, even if they never intend to recreate the meals themselves.

Holiday Giveaway

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business, now’s the perfect time to do some gifting. Running a contest or giveaway on social media following Thanksgiving themes will help drum up new followers, whilst engaging with existing ones.

You can film a series of videos introducing the giveaway, then several follow-ups to keep people excited. If you sell your own products, giving some away as a Thanksgiving treat to contest winners is generous but also savvy free marketing!


Fashion and lifestyle channels are incredibly popular on YouTube. The #OOTD (outfit of the day) hashtag also performs consistently well on Instagram. People enjoy taking inspiration from others’ fashion choices, and family gatherings and seasonal events often call for a bit of dressing up.

This content idea works on all kinds of platforms. You could create a longer video for YouTube, trying out several outfits and delving deeper into the topic. Or, you could make a snappy TikTok or Instagram Reel quickly showing off your choices.

DIY Decor

Crafting is always a fun activity, no matter what media you’re playing with. Arts and crafts channels are filled with tutorials and how-to’s that people love to follow along with. Showing off your creative DIY skills following Thanksgiving themes is a fun and engaging way to celebrate the holiday whilst attracting more views and subscribers.

You could inspire people to create their own house decorations, or even carve and paint festive gourds. Your imagination really is the limit with this content idea.

When you create your Thanksgiving video content, don’t forget to add some awesome music!

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