Microsoft is said to be in talks with Discord to buy the gaming-focused chat software for over $10 billion. Get all the currently known info here!

If you’re someone who enjoys gaming, there’s a strong chance you use Discord to stay connected with fellow gamers. During the pandemic, livestreaming has become incredibly popular. Instagram Live videos are more prevalent than ever, and it’s no different with Discord. Not solely for gaming, the chat platform is great for enabling communities to come together, whether they be music producer collectives, dance classes or simply servers for casual social interaction.

According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, Discord is exploring the possibility of selling by discussing options with several companies. Phil Spencer, Xbox Chief is said to be in talks on behalf of Microsoft. Though largely speculative at this stage, Bloomberg has named Epic Games and Amazon as other potential buyers. After a few potential buyers expressed an interest, Discord is considering a $10bn plus sale, and has signed an exclusive acquisition deal with one party. However, sources close to the matter told Bloomberg that Discord is more likely to go public than sell to a larger company.

Its most recent valuation placed Discord as being worth around $7bn, which makes this $10bn offer seem rather attractive. The company is not currently profitable, with the service being free for users. However, income is generated from monthly subscriptions that unlock higher resolution screen sharing, sticker packages, and larger upload limits.

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