Whether you stream on Twitch or interact with followers on Instagram Live, here’s how to play music in the background of videos with no copyright issues!

Why is Background Music Important?

Choosing to play music in the background of videos is a brilliant move. The importance of it can be focussed in on differently depending on the intended use. But why is background music so important, generally?

As soon as you hear the hooky, ultra-cool bass line of Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection, you picture a group of suited and booted, sunglasses-wearing guys sauntering in slow motion. I do, at least. It’s the opening titles of Tarantino classic, Reservoir Dogs. There are so many other examples of music summoning images. Songs help to tell a story or make a scene impactful.

Edgar Wright’s motion picture, Baby Driver features a soundtrack just as integral to the overall project as any dialogue or action sequence. In fact, most of the visual sequences were written around the songs that feature.

As you can see, music in film is hugely important. This also goes for any other kind of video production. Whether a vlog for YouTube or a little skit for TikTok, background music in video matters.

Social Media & Music

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, the world truly has moved online. In order to replicate physical meetings, the use of livestreaming has increased stratospherically. Social media has seen a rise in such videos, with people and brands reaching out across various platforms.

As social media is a free yet hugely effective marketing tool, it’s important to put effort into how you create these videos and streams. Ensuring you have background music in videos is important. Adding music to Instagram Live videos or having a backing track for YouTube Live videos can really elevate the viewing experience. Videos with great music are more likely to draw in viewers, which will in turn lead to an organic growth in followers or help you gain subscribers.

Play Music on Gaming Streams

If you’re heavy into gaming and love streaming on Twitch then adding music to your videos is something you should definitely consider. Lots of people want to earn money through gaming, and there a few tactics to help you do this. You could think about how to title your Twitch stream to gain views, but once you’ve grabbed people you need to keep them. It’s your excellent content that’s going to do this, and Twitch videos with background music are more entertaining to watch.

Where to Find Background Music

So, now you’re sold on the importance of playing music in the background of videos you’ll want to know where you can find such music.

Sadly, you can’t just add your favourite track or whatever is high in the charts at the time. You must have the correct permissions and licenses for any music you use in your videos, in order to avoid any copyright problems further down the line. When adding music to video you’ll need a sync license. Paying for a sync license for high profile tracks can quickly become very expensive. However, any music in the public domain or that is royalty free is a fantastic and affordable option.

At Synchedin, we offer a huge library of awesome royalty free music, all with the sync license covered! This means that you can play music in the background of your video to your heart’s content, and not incur any copyright strikes or licensing battles. Best of all, you can play all tracks in your livestreams for free. Check out the curated playlists, like our Gaming Tracks playlist, or create your own. Sign up today to get started!