Bringing you some sweet Southern American sunshine is our new Synchedin collection, Royalty Free Country Music. Tip back your cowboy hat, and have a listen!

Country music came straight out of the South in the US, but is much loved by people the world over. Typically featuring unmistakably country slide guitar, lap steel, and very literal lyrics about partners, horses, or beers, this music pops up here, there, and everywhere.

If you’re someone who shares vlogs on YouTube, or an indie filmmaker looking for soundtrack options, we have a collection that may pique your interest. Music plays a huge role in video. As a creator of videos of any kind, you’ll be more than aware of this. You also probably understand that videos can demand numerous types of music, even in a short timeframe. A 10-minute YouTube video could feature 5 different genres in it, and that wouldn’t even seem strange!

It makes sense, then, that country music is going to rear (yeehaw) its head from time to time. In order to meet this demand, we’ve compiled our favourite royalty free country music for you to use in your projects.

Why Royalty Free?

Background music is important, but you need to use the right kind in order to stay out of hot water. Simply taking a track by your favourite artist and using it in a video will result in copyright claims on YouTube, and possibly a dreaded copyright strike.

This is because you don’t own or control the copyright for that track. Usually, for high profile artists, the record label will do that. If you’d like to use that track, you’ll need to obtain a sync license. Or rather, you’ll need to purchase a sync license, which can be pretty expensive.

If your budget is limited, using royalty free music is the solution. Sourcing high quality background music from a royalty free subscription site, like Synchedin, keeps your costs down but doesn’t limit your creative freedom. From just $4.99 per month, you can download unlimited tracks, and use them in your personal or commercial projects forever. That includes sweet country music!

Royalty Free Country Music

One of our latest Synchedin collections, Royalty Free Country Music, herds up all the best country tunes on the site, into one neat and secure corral.

Here, you’ll find a mix of country instrumentals and full band tracks from artists like Michael Herter, Kevin MacLeod, and The Country Folk. With slide guitar and snare trains aplenty, you’re sure to find the perfect country track for your next video project!

Sign up to Synchedin today to create your own collections, and subscribe to start downloading all your favourite finds!