Get yourself ready for a chilled one this weekend. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the ultra laid-back Rivière Noire (feat. Katja) by Integer!

Just like the information available surrounding this producer, Integer specialises in minimalistic music. Integer, aka Ivan Nagen, is a UK based artist, creating percussive and bass driven tracks. His signature is deeply textured productions, with heaps of, occasionally dark, atmosphere.

This week’s Spotlight track, Rivière Noire (feat. Katja) showcases these characteristic elements to a tee. Taken from the eponymous 2015 EP, this track stands apart from its fellows. Whilst there are strong hints of UK garage throughout the EP, this track takes on a distinctly more chilled lo-fi quality.

The use of Foley at the start of Rivière Noire creates an instantly natural and soothing effect. The sound of running water softly burbling away beneath a mix of rounded electronic keys, airily throbbing, compounds a relaxing foundation. Subtle synth sounds softly breathe their way into the track, before the percussive beat makes its entry.

With wooden percussion sounds, the sense of nature and neutrality is reinforced, giving a pureness to the piece. Vocal samples interject here and there, briefly fading in and out. Occasionally, almost lounge-like keys riff momentarily over the top of smoothly sustained chords.

Midway through the track, all these textural layers give way to the sound of trickling water and spaced out percussion. Partnered with the effect of a needle skipping on vinyl, this is an electronic track filled with nods to the natural and analog.

As vocals swirl in and out, more layers fizz back into the mix. All the while, running water and artificial vinyl crackle lends a familiar warmth to the song. Rivière Noire (feat. Katja), rather than fading away, closes as if disappearing beneath the waterline. The bass lifts as the EQ transforms and lightens the depth of the production. The remaining musical elements grow murky and muffled, just like a track on the radio that soothes you so much you momentarily slide down below the surface of a calming bath.

Check out more from Integer on SoundCloud or Facebook. License any of his tracks from the Synchedin library, perfect for accompanying laid-back demonstration or tutorial videos.