Our Synchedin Spotlight this week is the musical equivalent of dappled sunlight through crystal blue oceans, The Sea by Cascades of Moonlight!

Twinkling metallophone is what greets you in this track, before immersing you into a sea of calm. The mysterious Cascades of Moonlight have crafted a beautifully soothing piece of music, ideal for accompanying any yoga sessions. This is exactly why we’ve added the track to our very own yoga & meditation playlist.

A combination of melancholic strings and new-age ambient synch pads creates an aura of mystique. The sections of the track resemble the ebbing and flowing of the tide, with spray sounds truly transporting you to the sea. There is a simplicity and repetition in this track that forms a peaceful tranquillity, making it perfect for sitting back and relaxing to. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let The Sea gently carry you towards serenity.

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