You don’t have to have the fanciest gear or biggest budget to create and share professional looking YouTube videos. Here is how you can make killer looking content without spending big!

The beauty of YouTube is that you can post videos for free, so we’re off to a strong start. YouTube is a wonderful platform for sharing videos, and you can find all sorts of niches on there. Once you start to gain a following, it may be worth thinking about monetising your channel, so you can earn some cash.


With equipment you can easily spend thousands of dollars on top of the range cameras and microphones, but sadly not everyone has that kind of money. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor quality audio and visual, however. There are plenty of awesome microphones out there at an affordable price that will capture voice recordings to a high standard. The Shure SM58 is a dynamic microphone that most people will recognise as the go-to mic for live music performances. It’s durable and sturdy but sounds great, and can be bought for less than $100.

The camera is probably the item you are going to have to fork out the most money on when creating videos or vlogs. If you are just dipping your toe you can always go for a camera from the GoPro range. They have excellent capabilities and work for vlogging as well as action videos. It’s also always worth looking around for deals and money off online, as often somewhere will be having a sale and you can bag a tasty discount.

Video Editing

There are loads of option when it comes to brilliant video editing software, and many things to consider when picking which one you are going to use. Besides the price tag, you need to consider your experience level, whether colour keying is important to you, whether you want integrated audio editing, etc. Fortunately, you don’t have to go for the industry leading, top of the range software in order to access features like the above. Davinci Resolve is an excellent choice for beginners as it has everything you need to create professional looking videos, with amazing colour functions and green screen capabilities.

Background Music

All videos benefit from background music. It gives the video a more professional and polished feel, and can also help the video to stick in the memory of the viewer. There are a few options for using music in your YouTube videos, but it can become quite complicated regarding licensing and copyright. Using a subscription service like Synchedin for royalty free music is a great choice, as it takes out the hassle of sorting copyright, and is well within budget at just $4.49 per month. With a great library of playlists available, you’ll be able to find the best music for your video with no trouble, without breaking the bank.