Lighting is a biggie when it comes to shooting video, but pro set-ups can be pricey. Here’s how to make shooting in natural light inexpensive and simple!

When it comes to filmmaking or shooting videos, there are loads of things to take into account. Of course, your content is the main focus, but if it doesn’t look good then people won’t stick around to watch. Lighting plays one of the biggest roles in determining whether a shot is usable or a chore to look at.

Now, it’s fair to assume that getting the perfect lighting set up is going to cost you a pretty penny. But, this doesn’t have to be the case! Getting to know how to handle the lighting source nature has gifted you, sunlight, will open up filming opportunities for you without breaking the bank. Natural light can be manipulated and diffused to fit your needs. Depending on whether the natural light is your key light or backlight, you will need to use a few different strategies. Check out this video from Indy Mogul for some awesome tips.

Now you’ve got your lighting covered, you should think about the music you’re going to add to your film or video. Just as with lighting, adding a soundtrack to an indie film doesn’t always require a substantial budget. At Synchedin you can access a huge library of royalty free music for all kinds of content projects. The importance of music in film is massive, but for a very un-massive $4.99 per month you can download unlimited tracks to use with your visuals.

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