Portable consoles are nothing new, but can you play Xbox on mobile devices? Thanks to this new controller, you now can more easily than ever!

Gaming technology has come a long way, and you are no longer chained to the electrical outlet in the wall. When we think of gaming, we might imagine heavy desks, heaps of consoles, and hefty gaming chairs. But, portable games consoles have gained in technological capabilities as well as popularity over recent years. PlayStation attempted to edge into the market with the Vita, although it doesn’t come close to rivalling gamers’ fondness for the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft hasn’t really made an attempt to move into this area – not with devices, at least. If this has left you wondering, “can you play Xbox on mobile?”, the answer is yes. The company responsible for Xbox has pushed portable gaming with Xbox Game Pass, their answer to cloud gaming. This subscription gaming service allows users access to a rotating carousel of games, available to play on smart devices. Whilst some games work well enough via touchscreen, it isn’t the most ideal gaming set up.

There are already mobile controllers available that make gaming on your phone smoother. For example, the Razer Kishi, which works with android mobiles. The downside with this kind of controller is that you have to figure which buttons on a would-be Xbox controller map to which buttons on the Kishi. This might not sound too difficult, but can be a mental hurdle when you’re firing through an intense bit of gameplay.

RIG MG-X from Nacon

Solving this problem is the RIG MG-X from Nacon. Officially licensed by Xbox, this controller boasts a straightforward and sleek design which is paired with Xbox-specific controls. The controller acts as a clamp around your phone, with the middle section extending to accommodate different models of mobile device.

Nacon claims it should work with any phone running Android 6 and with a screen above 6.7 inches. It’s worth noting that this controller does not work with iPhones of any kind. The battery life of this controller is supposed to be around 20 hours, and connects to devices via Bluetooth rather than USB-C.

Whilst this can be a drain on the battery life, it does enable you to play on your device with the protective case still on. Pair this with the sturdy build of the RIG MG-X, and you’ve got a set-up that’s perfect for playing Xbox games on the go.