Multi-award winning, platinum & gold certified R&B producer, songwriter, and composer Hilton Wright II landed himself on Synchedin this week. Distinguished as having “well-versed versatility”, Hilton ‘Deuce’ Wright II embraces the perfect blend of what has been, what is and what will forever be amazing in the world of music.

Hilton has some incredible accolades under his belt. To date, he has written and produced music for big names in R&B and beyond, such as Big Sean, Mike Posner, Sofia Reyes, Faith Evans and the international superstar Drake himself, who recently dropped his anticipated 6th studio album Certified Lover Boy. Furthermore, Hilton also cowrote the song Juneteenth for the hit ABC TV show black•ish. This tune was performed in the season 4 premiere of the show, which subsequently earnt him a Guild of Music Supervisors Award in 2019. As if this wasn’t enough, Wright has also scored advertisements for major corporations such as Ford, Walmart, Jeep and Corona (the beer).

In 2020, Hilton launched Seven15 Music – a music company that serves as a fantastic means for creativity and collaboration with fellow LA artists across a plethora of styles and genres. His most recent collaborative works, High Altitude and Only With You, feature the truly awesome Chel Strong and the wonderfully talented R&B composer Ray Gifted Keys respectively. Luckily, both of these fabulous singles are available to download and use in your content only via Synchedin – they even each come with a fantastically useful instrumental version!

We’re incredibly excited to have Wright’s impeccably groovy R&B/Hip Hop music available for sync licensing with us. If we had to choose a favourite of his, it would have to be the recently released Only With You. Not only does the instrumental version of this wonderful tune stand up firmly on its own, we find the full version to be impossibly smooth, passionate and truly composed from the heart – full marks from us!