Wordle still has a firm grip on a lot of us. But, if you’re getting a little bored with it, here are some great Wordle alternatives!

Created by software engineer Josh Wardle for him and his partner to enjoy during lockdown, Wordle has taken the world by storm. The word puzzle game first came about in October last year, and had attracted 90 daily players by November. Its popularity snowballed, attracting over 300,000 daily players at the start of January 2022. Only a couple of weeks later, the daily brain-teaser had managed to hook a staggering 2 million people.

Several large companies became increasingly interested in acquiring the game. This lined up with Wardle’s anxiety around maintaining the game for such a huge audience, and he sold it to the New York Times in February. There was some concern around whether the simplicity of the game would remain, and whether it would be shoved behind a pay wall. So far, it’s still free for everyone to play.

Lots of imitation Wordles were created, including mobile apps – the original game is only available in-browser. However, there are lots of Wordle alternatives that play on the original concept, but with a twist. If you’re tiring of the word-only game, or if one challenge a day just isn’t enough, check out these alternatives!


If you’re into music, then Heardle is the Wordle alternative for your ears. A respectful homage to Wordle, but with a musical twist. Sticking with the one challenge a day, as per the original game, Heardle challenges you to identify a semi-randomly plucked song from a long list of popular artists.

Originally made for a small group of friends, the game took off overnight, much like its muse.


If one word to figure out isn’t tough enough, then have two. Dordle asks you to guess 2 words simultaneously, with words sharing letters.


As someone who derives much joy from putting down rude words on a scrabble board, Sweardle is the crass Wordle alternative I needed. All the best swear words are a humble 4 letters, and you only get 4 guesses.


Put your geography knowledge to the test, and guess the country or territory just by the shape of it. With every incorrect guess on Worldle, helpful arrows direct you closer to the right place on the map.


Nerdle is the daily numbers game. You get 6 tries, with each guess being a calculation. You can use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + – * / or =. Standard order of operations applies, so calculate * and / before + and – eg. 3+2*5=13 not 25!


Not limited to swear words, Lewdle is the game for all kinds of rude words. Wordle rules and format applies, but you just have to dredge the depths of your gutter mind.


If you’ve tried Dordle, and still found it a bit too simple then maybe Quordle will be for you. It’s the same premise, except you guess 4 words simultaneously. It’s stressful and sometimes upsetting, but still good old-fashioned wordplay fun.