The alarm goes off, and another week begins. But, it can be hard to get moving in the winter. Here’s how you can find that Monday morning workout motivation!

Are you a natural lark, rising at dawn to the sound of the world slowly waking around you? Or, do you struggle to open one eye as you recklessly flail your hand around the bedside table, lazily searching for the snooze button on your phone? If the former, you probably don’t struggle quite as much for motivation to get moving. However, motivation comes in peaks and troughs, and even the brightest morning person can benefit from a boost now and then.

Working out comes in many forms, and can occur at pretty much any time of day or night. However, getting it done in the morning has many benefits. It’s out of the way early, meaning you can enjoy your day and not have to fit in later. It also helps to boost your energy, preparing you for the day ahead. But, remembering all this on a gloomy Monday can be a challenge. So, how can you promote and find that Monday morning workout motivation?

Make Your Mind Up the Night Before

Beloved lockdown hero of the UK, Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) swears by “setting the intention” to workout the night before. As you’re getting ready for bed, promise yourself that you’ll get moving in the morning, and allow yourself to feel fantastic before you’ve even left the house.

Have Your Work Out Clothes Ready

Having as few barriers as possible between you and your workout in the morning makes a huge difference to your inclination to actually work out. This means that any Monday motivation you’ve managed to drum up won’t be hindered and potentially squashed.

Laying out your workout clothes in an accessible place takes a step out of the morning process of getting ready to exercise. It also serves as an immediate reminder when you wake up that you intended to start the new week by smashing a Monday morning work out.

Put a List Next to Your Bed

Similar to using your clothes as a reminder, writing a list of reasons why you want to work out and having it visible from the moment you wake up can help foster that all important motivation. Whether you want to improve your energy levels, tone up your abs, or train for an event, writing a reminder of why getting moving will make you feel great is a solid way to find motivation.

Get a Banging Playlist

Music is an awesome motivator. When we think of gyms, we think of loud, pumping tunes. This is because there are ideal BPMs (beats per minute) to work out to, to keep you moving and get you in the zone. Having a trusted playlist of energetic music ready to go will inject your morning with some vigour.

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