What’s a fantastical wand-swishing incantation without the magical music? Discover the soundtrack for your spellbinding content in this latest Synchedin collection!

The Harry Potter franchise has a lot of fun things synonymous with it. When we hear the young wizard’s name, we think of wands, owls, scars, and, if you’re unlucky, creepy villains like “dementors”. One other thing that is immediately conjured by the name “Potter” is music.

If you haven’t heard this music before, have you been hiding under a rock in the forbidden forest for the last 20 years? Taken from the first movie’s soundtrack by John Williams, Hedwig’s Theme has the power to transport listeners to magical lands. It creates an atmosphere of awe and wonder, whilst seriously boosting the impact of anything happening on-screen.

So much of any fantasy style content relies on a strong soundtrack and magical music. Without any, things simply aren’t as stunning. But, what happens if your budget isn’t quite up to “hiring John Williams to compose an entire soundtrack” level just yet?

You can’t go to all the effort of making a feature length film, only to skimp out on the music. That’s where royalty free magical music comes to the rescue!

Royalty Free Magical Music

In the new Synchedin collection, Magical Music, you will uncover a world of wondrous sounds and mystical music.

Create a sense of enchantment within your viewers, and use tracks by Michael Herter or Nourished by Music. Transport your audience to far off lands or back in time to the age of witches, with soothing woodwind and bewitching dulcimers. Or, excite and engage with dramatic musical pieces by the likes of Dragon Soundworlds.

Sound effects include wand-waving sounds and the swooshing of spells being cast. Add scene setting harps or twinkling fairy-like flutters to your video footage.

Every track in this marvellous collection is royalty free and has the sync license covered. Add a dash of wizardry to your YouTube vlogs, or soundtrack sorcerous action in film projects.

Subscribe from just $3.99 to access unlimited downloads of sounds, and build your very own magical movie world!