Sounds of the smithy and clattering cart wheels are brought to you in this Synchedin collection, Medieval Sound Effects by Vadi Sound!

People love to look back. Whether that’s to WWII, the age of swashbuckling pirates in the 18th century, or even further to dark and dusty medieval times. There are countless television series and video games set in bygone eras.

A lust for history in the gaming world is certainly nothing new. There is colour and magic in revisiting ages we could have only read about or watched in film before.

Games are becoming increasingly immersive and encapsulating. The rise of VR and extended reality technology has meant players can truly enter new worlds. Alongside this, further artistry is being poured into the creation of open world maps.

This year, Elden Ring took the world by storm, offering a beautifully detailed and enthralling open world experience. An evolution of Dark Souls, the game is unsurprisingly steeped in medieval character. Co-written by Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin, the style of the game went down a storm with fantasy fans.

Medieval Sound Effects by Vadi Sound

One of our latest collections is perfect if you’re creating your very own medieval style game. Capture the essence of a busy village in the Middle Ages with high quality sound effects of the time.

Vadi Sound has provided Synchedin with an eclectic array of sounds synonymous with medieval settings. In this collection you’ll find all the little details you need to bring your game to life. From cosy tavern chatter, to latches lifting and coins tinkling.

Perfect sound design comes in the minutiae. Even when you think there’s no sound, there most definitely is. This collection pays attention to that, offering even the eerie rushing of air in gloomy castle corridors.

Find everything you need in this collection to create a fantastic game to rival the likes of Elden Ring!

We’re stoked to have Vadi Sound on board – check out their contributor page to explore even more beautifully recorded Foley and SFX!