We’ve got a fresh new collection of lofi chill music from Italian label, yawn! music. Learn more about the sounds and artists in this laid back hamper!

At Synchedin, we love getting a label on board. It means we get to showcase the entire idea and identity behind a person or group of people. There’s something satisfying about having the whole set.

That’s why we’re super stoked to have yawn! music on board. Adding to the Synchedin library, we now have even more royalty free lofi music for creators to license and enjoy.

yawn! music

Now that we’re sharing the yawn! music collection with you, it’s time to look a bit more into the label!

The most you’ll find in the way of information about this label online is that they are “a lo-fi chill label based in Italy.”

According to their website, they’re tucked away down in Torre Melissa, presumably soaking in Calabrian sunshine whilst curating beats. A relatively young label, if the SoundCloud page is anything to go by, yawn! has been going for around a year or more.

In that short space of time, they have acquired lots of fantastic lofi artists and producers. These include names like Vannorte, j brij., after noon, and Ka’vierre. Although each artist produces lofi beats, they are all wonderfully varied and unique.

The aesthetic of yawn! is very cute, soft and pastel colours-centric. They have their very own designer, Rosapescadesign, who produces the artwork for releases. Artworks include plenty of cuddly looking bears, studying by the glow of fairy lights, or contemplating a beautiful beach sunset.

Artists from yawn! music have already taken up a couple of Synchedin Spotlight positions over the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, Ka’vierre was in the Spotlight. We enjoyed the mellow, introspective nature of Lax, crafted by Ka’vierre’s compositional storytelling. At the beginning of April, it was j brijj. who debuted for yawn! music in the spotlight. time for bed was a suitably relaxing and sweet track, full of comforting chatter and warming bass.

License yawn! music

If you wanted to feature artists from yawn! label’s roster in your content projects, then wise choice! These artists will work for all sorts of content types. If you’re looking for a gentle podcast intro, or maybe a relaxing soundtrack to a tutorial video, you’re sure to strike gold here.

At the moment, music from yawn! is only available to license on Synchedin – you won’t find it anywhere else! You can stream all tracks for free in livestreams or during Twitch broadcasts.

To access unlimited downloads (of the entire music library, including yawn! music), subscribe today for just $49.99 per year!