We talk a lot about drones on this blog. Today, it’s all about a different kind of drone – synth drones. Have a whole collection of them!

“What we really need to do is create a powerful sense of dread. See, the longer the note, the more dread.”

Super Hans, Peep Show, 2004

Whether you’re making videos for YouTube, or recording podcasts, using sounds to set the tone will help engage your audience. Sound effects can help to support the punchline of a joke, or invoke a certain emotion. The same goes for music, actually. But, we’re talking about sound effects here, okay?

A lot of Foley and sound design comes from messing around with random objects. It’s a weird and wonderful world of bizarre, yet surprisingly carefully coordinated noise making. But, sometimes the sounds just need to be created digitally. This is ideal for when instruments aren’t readily available, and enables sound designers to create very specific sounds.

If you, like Super Hans, are looking to add tension and a sense of dread to your content, then synths are very much your friends. Of course, you might not have time to create your own sound effects or synth drones. That’s where we can help!

Synth Drones Collection

In music, a drone is a long, sustained note that is usually very low in pitch. This same idea applies here. You can inject feelings of suspense, anticipation, and unbearable dread with the right synth drone. The drawn out, ominous sound lies heavy in the atmosphere, adding another dimension to any video, film, or podcast.

Our new Synchedin collection pulls together all the most powerful and looming synth drones available to download from the catalogue.

You’ll find a mixture of slow, low sounds that’d fit perfectly in a horror film. There’s also futuristic, sci-fi drones, filled with extra terrestrial sounds to fit an intergalactic adventure. Also, discover lots of atmospheric, weighty sustained sounds, ideal for creating weighty ambience and background tension.

You can get full access to the Synth Drones collection by subscribing to Synchedin from just $3.99 per month.

Download unlimited sounds, so you can create the most powerful sense of dread imaginable!