A new multiplayer version of an arcade classic is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Check out more about Pac-Man 99 right here!

If you didn’t think the upper levels of old school Pac-Man were hectic enough, you can now enjoy a mind-melting 99 player battle royale version of the game. This comes after Nintendo released a 99 player iteration of Tetris in 2019, and then Super Mario Bros. 35. If you’re a gaming streamer, this will definitely be an entertaining frenzy to broadcast over on Twitch!

The game is included at no extra cost exclusively for those on the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Players can mess with their opponents through a variety of menacing features, including by speeding up their game or sending “Jammer Pac-Man” over to them. Eating ghosts remains a method of boosting points, and you can also munch power pellets to give yourself the edge.

Fancy customising the game a little? You can do just that by purchasing various themes that will alter the music and backgrounds. These sounds and visuals are based on other Namco classics, to help with this retro gaming feel.

Pac-Man 99 is available to download from today (7th April), exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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