Collaboration is often the key to success, and it’s no different for content creation. We’re breaking down what a YouTube collab is and why they’re so effective.

Two heads are better than one, united we will never be defeated, we are the many, and all that. The point is, teamwork and collaboration can often reap rewards that going solo just wouldn’t. In the world of YouTube content creation, there are plenty of strategies for promoting your channel and gaining subscribers that you can implement on your own. But, what happens when you hit a bit of a wall?

What Is a YouTube Collab?

You’ve probably worked out that a YouTube collab is a form of collaboration on YouTube. Often between smaller channels, content creators will pool together to help boost one another’s channel. The idea is that a light is shone on content and made known to two audiences, rather than just one.

Common examples of collaborative efforts on YouTube include a meeting of the gaming and comedy worlds. Hosting one another’s videos is a popular one, particularly with these two content styles. Another instance of a collab is simply shouting one another out. If you can foster a good relationship with another content creator, you can work out times to shout out each other’s channels within your videos that appears natural and sincere.

Why Are Collabs Effective?

As mentioned at the top, sometimes flying solo limits opportunities and prevents growth. Collaborating with other YouTube content creators comes with a range of advantages and benefits that aren’t to be sniffed at.

We’ve mentioned expanding your audience already. Working with another content creator enables you to reach viewers you might not otherwise have attracted by creating your usual content. You never know how many of this new audience will be converted into new subscribers thanks to your collaborative work.

This is kind of similar to expanding your audience, but getting your name out there more is a benefit of an effective collab. Even if the collaboration doesn’t result in loads of views for your older content, more people will be talking about you than before (hopefully).

YouTube collabs also enable you to explore new creative possibilities and ideas. For example, if you’re a relatively new vlogger with a limited budget who manages to team up with a more wealthy vlogger, you’ll have more freedom (and money) to play with. You could finally make that video about trying out the hottest dishes in 20 Birmingham curry houses in one afternoon. Please don’t do that, you will regret it.

Reaching Out

There’s a lot of networking involved with trying to lock in a collaboration on YouTube. The best thing you can do is focus on creating high quality content on your own channel first, making sure you’re the kind of creator that others would think, “yeah, I’d like to work with them.” Showcase your talents, solidify what you’re about, and be consistent.

Before firing off a load of emails to other YouTubers, do your research into their channel and get to know their content. Rather than sending out blanket emails that come off stilted and unnatural, try to personalise each email. This is the time to work on your flattery, but don’t overdo it. Aim for channels that make sense for you to collab with, and that both audiences would enjoy watching.

You’ll probably have to reach out to a lot of people before hitting the jack pot. Be persistent, and the hard work will eventually pay off.

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