What even is watermelon sugar, anyway? Take a look at these TikTok summer recipes to cool yourself down, but feel painfully trendy too!

If you’re a foodie, there’s a whole world of content just waiting to be made. Countless food-based YouTube channels offer great recipe ideas and cooking hacks. But, it’s TikTok that is taking over the quick, simple but highly aesthetic food trend game.

From vegan fruit slushies to keto-friendly fried tomatoes, there’s something to suit any summer craving. With videos capped to digestible lengths, you know you’re guaranteed to stumble upon some speedy dishes. We want delicious shaved ice, and we want it now.

The beauty of a lot of TikTok summer recipes is their simplicity. The last thing you want to do in scorching heat is slave away over a hot stove. So, swap out the instant pot for the freezer, and get to work creating some crazy, original ice cream treats and frozen lollies.

Video Credit: colette’s playlist

The more innovative your own TikTok summer recipes are, the more chance you have of achieving coveted viral success. Don’t forget to focus on the presentation of your cooking concoctions. Shooting food videos in natural light will help inject some sunshine into your summer food content. Play around with different filming techniques to present cooking videos like a pro.

Side note: is it cooking if you don’t heat anything up? Discuss.

If you’ve just started up your own culinary small business, jumping on the TikTok summer recipes trend train is a great form of TikTok marketing. Have some fun with filming tasty treats, whilst grabbing a new audience and building your brand. The beauty of TikTok videos is that you can also share them to Instagram Reels, strengthening your Instagram branding too. And we all know, there’s no better place for sharing beautiful food than the gram.