In the name of transparency and improving user experience, the Instagram algorithm has been explained by Adam Mosseri. See the video here!

Don’t you find it’s difficult to find someone who isn’t on Instagram nowadays? “No longer just a square photo-sharing app“, the platform is used to entertain, advertise, create communities and market businesses. If you’re a creative, chances are you’ve used Instagram to promote your latest project or connect with other artists. As a small business, it’s likely that Instagram plays a significant role in your social media marketing strategy.

One thing you’re sure to have heard banded around and made reference to is “the algorithm”. Often treated as omnipotent, sometimes malevolent, the Instagram algorithm supposedly decides the fate of so much content and its creators.

However, lots of misconceptions have been generated over the years. The Instagram algorithm has now been explained by the head of Instagram himself, Adam Mosseri. Some of the mystery has been lifted, thanks to a breakdown regarding…

  • “The Algorithm”
  • Ranking Feed & Stories
  • How Explore is Ranked
  • Ranking Reels
  • “Shadow Banning”
  • Influencing Your Experience

Acknowledgement is made to the fact that Instagram does sometimes make mistakes. Not all content is guaranteed to reach the same amount of people each time.

So, it’s understandable that if you’re plugging away to get your new business noticed, you may feel like the dreaded algorithm is holding you back. Many believe that constant changes made to the algorithm cause problems. In actual fact, there are many algorithms and processes at play. All these work together and tweak themselves as they learn how best to tailor individual users’ experiences.

Hopefully, with this video and explanation, the waters of Instagram now appear less murky, and “the algorithm” can be more of a friend than foe.