There are lots of licenses to keep up with. You may have heard of a sync license, but wondered what they’re for. Allow us to explain!

If you’re a filmmaker, videographer, or content creator of any kind, you’ll have probably encountered copyright in some way. Copyright is what protects people’s intellectual property, and stops people’s creative work being stolen. There are, as you can probably imagine, many forms of copyright and licensing. Different types do different things, and it can get complicated quickly.

As someone who creates video content, you may have heard of a sync license. This is something you’ll probably need for your content, but why?

What Is a Sync License?

A sync license is required if you want to add music to a moving image – to synchronize the music to a video. This could be a film, TV show, video game, YouTube video, the list goes on!

If you want music to feature in any content like this, you’ll need a sync license.

What Do they Allow You to Do?

Without the appropriate copyrights and licenses obtained, you could run into some issues down the way. If you create a video, which features other people’s music on it, just for yourself, then you’re okay.

As soon as you share the video publicly, you’re going to have to comply with copyright law. So, simply put, a sync license allows you to publish video featuring music without getting into trouble.

This license can be obtained on an individual basis. However, this can become expensive, not to mention time-consuming. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to get your hands on a sync license.


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