It’s that time again, it’s World Piano Day! What better time to add some tinkling ivories to your video content? Discover royalty free piano music right here!

It’s the 88th day of the year, which is exactly why it’s World Piano Day. That’s because 88 is also the number of keys found on a standard piano. The celebration was started by a group of like-minded people, who wanted a platform for piano-related projects. It also aims to promote the enjoyment of music in general, as well as sharing a joy for piano playing.

To mark Piano Day 2022, Piano Day Official & LEITER have put together a compilation of 32 exclusive and unreleased piano tracks. These pieces come from various corners of the world, in the spirit of bringing global piano lovers together. You can order the compilation on 2LP vinyl, or listen online via the Spotify playlist.

A Royalty Free World Piano Day

Today is a great day to check out some royalty free piano music on Synchedin. As such an emotive and versatile instrument, the piano fits over a huge range of content.

You could be looking for old-timey tinkling keys for your podcast theme music, or maybe you’re after cinematic sustained chords to accompany stunning drone footage. If it’s peaceful piano music you’re after, like Reflections by Borrtex, you can find it on Synchedin.

Why royalty free? Nobody likes getting hit with copyright notifications on YouTube, or running into DMCA problems. Using music you don’t have the licensing for can lead to these problems. This means you need to use music you have the permissions for. But, actually paying for licensing fees, particularly for popular tracks, can be incredibly pricey. With royalty free, you just pay a subscription cost, and you get to use tracks as many times as you like. It’s much more accessible to independent creators, plus it opens up a world of musical choice.

Synchedin offers a broad catalogue of music, covering a range of genres, moods, and instruments. Although, we’re all about the piano today!

Sign up to Synchedin today, and start creating collections of your favourite piano music to stream for free!