YouTube is a fantastic place to interact with your audience, and the YouTube Community tab takes this further. But, how do you get it on your channel?

When you start out on YouTube, whether your goal is vlogging stardom or you just want to give your short films some air time, you generally want as many subscribers as possible. Starting from scratch, you can use a few tactics to promote your channel and gain subscribers. You could utilise YouTube cards, or can really familiar with analytics. Or, a less technical and more friendly approach, is diving into the community.

By interacting with comments left on your videos, and even other peoples’, you’re putting your name out there and allowing yourself to be more visible. Paying attention to your existing subscribers is actually a solid way of growing your channel. The YouTube Community tab allows you to interact with your subscribers outside your videos. You can share posts, images, and polls, enabling people to like and comment. However, this option isn’t open to everyone right away.

YouTube Community Tab Eligibility

In order to unlock the Community tab, which then sits within your YouTube Studio, you must reach 1000 subscribers. Once the threshold of 1000 subs has been met, it will take one week for the tab to appear. YouTube Help offers this useful information:

  • If your channel is eligible for the Community tab, but you don’t see it, enable custom channel layouts. You can change this setting from your computer by following these instructions. The custom layout must be enabled for the Community tab to be visible.
  • If your channel’s audience is set as made for kids, the Community tab is disabled. You also won’t be able to create or view posts. Learn more about setting your audience.

Your community posts appear in users’ home and subscription feeds. If viewers have selected to get notifications from channels, they may sometimes get notified of community posts too.