There is one simple way to get new viewers to stick around and check out your channel’s awesome content: a YouTube trailer. Find out more here!

Why you Need a Trailer

If you’re planning a trip to the cinema (or home cinema, these days) I’m willing to bet that you’ll look up the trailer of the film before committing to the full film. An effective movie trailer sets the mood for the film, introduces key characters, and excites viewers into wanting to see the whole film. This is also what a decent YouTube trailer should aim to do. Without a trailer, anyone who comes across your channel will be missing easy clues as to what to expect from you.

Many YouTubers dream of earning money through the site, and the key to this is increasing views and gaining subscribers. There are tens of millions of channels on the site. That is some stiff competition. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to turn your attention to some clever marketing. A good trailer for your channel certainly falls under this umbrella.

How to Make a YouTube Trailer

So, now you’re sold on why a trailer is a good idea, it’s time to figure out what makes a great one. As previously mentioned, good movie trailers set the tone, introduce characters and excite viewers. They’re also snappy, varied, impactful, and well-balanced. Here are some key points to consider when putting your very own YouTube trailer together…

Short and Sweet

We live in a world of instant gratification, and people do not like to hang around long to get the gist of something. Create your trailer with this in mind, being careful not to repeat yourself or go into too much unnecessary detail. Generally, movie trailers sit around the 2-minute mark, and this is a great guide for you channel trailer. Be concise, using every grain of time to tell viewers who you are, what you’re about, what they can expect, and why you’re doing what you do.

When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME

It’s a classic idiom, and oh so true. Assuming that viewers have any prior knowledge of you or your channel is a dangerous mistake to make. You should take this opportunity to start with the absolute basics, giving new audience members a solid introduction and explain to them why they should stick around.

Closed Captions

How many times have you scrolled through videos on your phone in the bathroom, or at night next to a sleeping bedfellow? There has been a huge increase in the amount of videos watched without the sound on, meaning a huge viewership you might be alienating if you do not use closed captions. The use of subtitles also makes your channel far more accessible, catering to those with hearing impairments or any viewers who speak a different language and rely on translations.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You may remember your English teacher bleating the phrase “show, don’t tell” at you during creative writing lessons. The fact is, imagery helps us to form clearer ideas and scenes in our heads whilst reading. When it comes to video, it’s all about the actual images or footage you use. You could sit in front of the camera and tell everyone why you’re an incredible baker of illusion cakes. But, splicing together footage of you making and perfecting some amazing baked goods is going to sell viewers much more effectively. This also builds trust in your audience, as they can see that you can back up what you’re saying right from the off.

Use Memorable Music

Picking awesome music is hugely important when considering your trailer. Music is important in film itself, so it definitely shouldn’t be left out of the trailers. When selecting a track, consider whether it reflects your brand, your content and creates the mood you want to set. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect track on the Synchedin library, so why not check it out today?

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