You don’t need loads of fancy lighting equipment to shoot fantastic food photos or videos. Check out how to master natural light in food photography here!

Shooting food like a pro means thinking about things like angles, presentation and setting. But, lighting is a massive deciding factor for whether your photo or video is a stunner or a dim flop.

If you’re a content creator and keen cook, there are plenty of food and cooking channels on YouTube that you can draw inspiration from. Once you’ve decided on your dish, you’re going to want to share it with your audience as beautifully as possible. Forget forking out hundreds of dollars on high spec, complex lighting set-ups. Whilst it’s great having a range of equipment to work with, don’t overlook the free resources available to you. I’m talking about the sun.

Natural light in food photography is great because it provides versatile qualities, depending on what time of day you shoot. You can also manipulate it with clever tricks. Diffusing the light with gossamer curtains, as Joanie Simon shows in the above video, creates a soft light and eliminates harsh shadows. This is great for getting those details and making the food the star.

So, whether your rustling up gourmet platters or experimenting with fakeaways recipes, make sure you have a play with the wonderful natural light in your workspace and see what you can come up with!

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