YouTube has firmly hopped on the short form video bandwagon, and so should you! Check out these easy YouTube Shorts ideas that will get you more subscribers.

With the popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels forever growing, it wasn’t a surprise when YouTube revealed its own equivalent. Released globally in 2021, Shorts has become one of the simplest and quickest ways of promoting your channel. Just as Instagram is doing with Reels, YouTube is pushing Shorts content harder than other types, it seems. That’s why it’s important to jump on the trend quickly, whilst the platform is still favouring shorter content. The online world is a capricious beast, after all!

Sharing exciting and original content is the best way to drum up excitement and interest around your channel. Uploading Shorts is the easy bit, and there are things you can do to ensure more views. But, coming up with awesome YouTube shorts ideas consistently can be a challenge. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest but effective Shorts ideas you can share today.

Micro Reviews

Depending on the niche of your channel, you can film miniature reviews for relevant products. Review videos perform well on the platform, as they add value to viewers. You can use Shorts to highlight a longer review video you might’ve published on your channel.

Creating a quick-fire review, listing a few snappy positives and negatives, with your overall opinion, makes for a great minute-long video.

Fun Facts

Consider yourself a font of all useless knowledge? Everybody enjoys a fun or interesting fact. Keeping it at least semi-relevant to your channel will help to draw people into the rest of your content.

Before & After

If you’re working on some kind of project, sharing the before and after is a delicious bit of content. People love to see a big reveal, whether it’s renovation, van builds, or makeovers. You can also share various points throughout the process in your Short, tantalising viewers even more.


YouTube Shorts was designed to compete directly with TikTok. Whilst you can now share 10-minute videos on TikTok and get more in-depth, there’s still just lots of silly, entertaining content on there. By this, I mean that the content doesn’t necessarily add value, it’s just fun to watch.

So, if you’ve got comedy chops or a fun idea, this is the perfect type of content to quickly whip up and share on Shorts.


Another of those YouTube Shorts ideas that translates well into longer form content; helpful hacks. Instead of sharing a longer video featuring a number of hacks, you can create a short, snappy video sharing one.

Keeping it relevant to your niche is the overarching theme here, but otherwise, you can get creative! In fact, the more unusual and mind-blowing, the better.


If you’re someone aiming for sponsorships and brand partnerships, showing off your unboxing skills early on is a solid idea. Unboxing videos are fantastic for new products, like phones or games consoles, as it lets consumers get an early peek before they buy for themselves.

Stick to your personal content creator style, and be as serious or silly as you like. Just make sure to clearly show off every element of whatever you’re unboxing as you go.


Trying out weird and unusual things, so your viewers don’t have to is one way to get into people’s good books. If you’re a cooking channel, for instance, you could film yourself seeing what happens if you switch out one ingredient for another. Or, playing on the pure entertainment aspect, what happens if you feed something delicious to your dog (everyone loves dogs, dogs will earn you extra points).

Adding music to your YouTube Shorts is a guaranteed way to make them more professional yet entertaining.

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