We’re constantly shooting for improvement here at Synchedin. That’s why we’re happy to announce our submission update for contributors. Get the lowdown right here!

A couple of weeks ago, we made some updates to the Synchedin site. Adding shiny new buttons and sprucing up the overall design is just the start. We’re always thinking about how we can improve the experience of our users, whether you’re a creator or a contributor.

Today, we’ve pushed an update that changes how contributors upload and tag assets on the site.

How Did It Work Before?

Previously, when uploading a sound effect or image, you would select your categories, then add tags within each category. This meant that, in many cases, you would end up duplicating a lot of the tags. Here’s an examlple:

Sound Effect: Birdsong in Windy Forest
Category : Nature, Tags: Birds, Birdsong, Trees, Rustling Leaves, Wind
Category: Animals, Tags: Birds, Birdsong, Tweeting Birds, Avian

That might not seem like much work, but if you’re uploading a big chunk of SFX or images (which we’d love!), those duplicates can start to add up. Ultimately, we want the process to be as smooth and speedy as possible. The less time spent uploading, means more time for you to be creative!

How It Works Now

With the new submission update, we’ve streamlined the uploading and tagging process for you. Now, you will need to add at least one category to your submission, whether it’s an image or sound effect. However, tags can be added separately from categories, meaning no need for duplicates.

Ideally more is more, but at least one category and five tags per upload is what we’re looking for.

Not only will this development improve searchability for users, the submission update will make your life as a valued Synchedin contributor that bit easier.

If you’re not already a contributor, but are sitting on a goldmine of royalty free assets, become a Synchedin contributor today! With loads of benefits to contributing to the site, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.