Instagram has announced it will no longer be highlighting TikTok videos shared on its Reels feature. Find out the details here.

Since August last year, users of Instagram have been able to enjoy an incredibly close replica of TikTok on the platform. Reels is Instagram’s very own short-form video feature, with the interface looking very familiar. That being said, content creators have been utilising both platforms, rather than simply pitting one against the other. Sharing these videos across multiple platforms is a great way to grow your following organically. But, Instagram has taken steps to impede users promoting their rival on the app.

TikTok videos that are exported to Instagram are left with the TikTok watermark on them. With Instagram presumably hoping that users would simply opt for Reels to create their skits, they have inadvertently been providing promotion for their competitor. Now, Instagram has stated that, although videos with the watermark will still be allowed, they will not be recommending them on the Reels tab often.

If you are concerned that this may affect your following, Instagram have shared their tips for how to get promoted on Reels. Unsurprisingly, this is based around creating your videos using Instagram itself. Understandably, this is in a bid to boost the popularity of Reels and combat the seemingly unstoppable momentum of short-form video giant TikTok.

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