Want to show off your blues improvisation skills on YouTube without getting claims? We’ve got just the backing music for you!

Backing tracks are a fantastic way of adding exciting, yet non-intrusive music to your YouTube videos or online content. If you’re a musician who shares tutorials, or simply wants to show off some skills, playing your instrument over a backing track makes for extremely watchable content.

Audiences love to watch videos that will add value to their lives. One of the simplest ways of doing this is through education or skill-sharing. So, if you want to gain subscribers or followers, and promote your YouTube channel or socials, then demonstrating how to riff over backing music is a sure fire way to do that!

Unfortunately, you can’t just take any old track, play over it, and then share it online. Not if it doesn’t belong to you. This is because the copyright belongs to someone else. Without the permission or licensing to use that track, you could end up getting copyright claims or strikes on your channel.

Royalty Free Backing Music

By using royalty free music, you ensure no nasty notifications or copyright complications. This is because the licensing side of things means you don’t have to pay each time you use a track for the rights to it. Instead, you can pay a one off fee, or a subscription, and use the royalty free track as much as you like.

Where do you find royalty free music?

Synchedin offers a broad library of high quality royalty free music, covering an array of genres and styles. If it’s blues music you’re after, we’ve created a collection of bluesy backing tracks. In the Royalty Free Blues Backing Tracks collection, you’ll find songs covering a variety of tempos and key signatures. Ideal for flexing your lead guitar skills, or showing off your pipes with some vocal improvisation!

Play along to them on your music Instagram or TikTok, and never worry about copyright claims or having your videos taken down every again. Subscribe to get unlimited downloads of high quality, royalty free backing tracks today.